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The Unoffical Might & Magic 6 PRE-FAQ

pre-FAQ version 1.62

by Robert Merritt

Last updated August 26th, 1997

There will be a second FAQ for the game when its released.

1. Introduction

1.1 What is Might and Magic VI?
-Might and Magic VI is the next chapter in the Might and Magic series for computers. Might and Magic is the third oldest on going computer role playing game series. Only Wizardry and Ultima are older.

1.2 When will Might and Magic VI be released?
-The game WAS on track for a November 1997 release. Now the release date is just early 1998.

1.3 What are the system requirements?
-On New World Computing's Might and Magic VI web page it says "Pentium 90, 16 MB Ram, 80 MB hard drive space, Windows 95, 1MB VRAM, mouse and keyboard."

With that being said, it depends on what mode you play. Turn base movement and combat may run fine on a Pentium 75. On the other end of the scale, a Pentium II or K6 running at 266mhz might be required for real time movement and real time combat. I have no idea what would be requred for the Mac version. Sources at the 3DO game day have said that the frame rate was low. Now, 3D cards and MMX could help out.

1.4 Will it support 3D cards and MMX?
-Right now, the engines do not support either 3D cards or MMX. However, the designers hope to add support for both before the November release. It is rumored that support of the Rendition chipset or MMX are more likely than 3DFX since M&M6 relies on a lot of 2D animation to occur at the same time as 3D animation.

1.5 Will Might and Magic VI have network play?
-Maybe. 3DO is creating an online game similar to Ultima Online based on Might and Magic. 3DO, NWC's owners, is very excited about Might and Magic. They are planning the fore mentioned online game, and two more additional games using the Might and Magic engine set in the same world. Characters created in Might and Magic 6 will be transferable to Might and Magic Online.

2. Game play

2.1 Is Might and Magic VI going to be like every other Might and Magic?
-Yes and No. Yes it will be a rpg where you control a party of characters, hacking and slashing through the country side, solving puzzles and collecting treasure. However it will have a 3d world instead of a title based one, the plot will evolve independant of you instead of because of you, and NPCs will have a mind of their own.

2.2 Isn't using a Quake-like engine going to make to world seem rather bare?
-The game world is being designed by an architect. So houses will have realistic furniture situated in a realistic fashion. Towns will also have a real layouts with thought out traffic flow and buildings made out of local resources. In short, if they are going through all this effort, odds are they have a Quake-like engine that can show off these fancy design.

2.3 Does Might and Magic VI sound a lot like Daggerfall?
-The two games have similarities. In my personal opinion, they are not that similar. Daggerfall is a Doom like game with RPG elements added and MM6 is a role playing game with a Quake like enviroment. In truth we will not know for sure until MM6 is released.

2.4 What is the story line going to be like?
-Random House, the publisher of the Might and Magic books, has stated that Might and Magic 6 will be based on their series. Which means one of the heroes could be Jassed Attqua, of Lune, a member of the Arc, and the villian could either be Dubiel or Shadowsmith. In the Next Generation online preview, they mention the story line revolves around the dissappearance of the good King Roland and the misfortunes befallen his kingdom. NWC M&M6 page goes on to say that the child Prince Nicolai Ironfist has lost is Mandate from Heaven to rule and its up to your party to restore it. As quoted in PC Gamer, "The plot promises to be anything but linear, with lots of possible branches to follow and more than one way to reach a given goal. That's especially important, since the game is always in motion. The favorite example of Mark Caldwell, lead programmer and head designer of MMVI, is this: If you find out that some duke's daughter has been kidnapped, you can choose whether or not to rescue her. Save her, and you might have her father as an ally. If she were later to marry some other duke, then you'd have both dukes as allies. If, however, you decide not to rescue her, you might make two enemies. That may not be a bad thing, though -- being on those two dukes' bad side may make you a friend to a third duke, someone you might not have had access to if you were already allied with the first two. "

2.5 Is Might and Magic 6 a turkey? and Does Might and Magic 6 suck?
-The game isn't out yet. No one knows.

2.6 So why are people saying Might and Magic 6 is going to suck?
-My only guess is that the lack of good RPGs have made gamers bitter.

3. General questions

3.1 When I called NWC a while back, they said there wasn't going to be another Might and Magic. What gives?
-They changed their minds.

3.2 What is character generation going to be like?
-Character generation is going to be point based. The player will be given an allotment of points which he or she can distribute to any number of skills. If you want to have a strong but dumb fighter or a weak but smart wizard, you can build them rather just hitting the re-roll button hundreds of times until you get a character that you like.

3.3 Could you tell me more about the two engines Might and Magic 6 will use?
-Both engines will support 16 bit color at 640x480 resolution. The Horizon engine looks pretty much like Magic Carpet 2 with a greater number of sprites. The Labyrinth engine for indoors is a cross between Quake and Build engines. The world and object are true 3D but most of the creatures are sprites. Some areas, such as a church, shop, or some NPCs will be rendered pictures that will pop up. The engines will feature some dynamic lighting and pixel smoothing will help keep sprites looking good even close up. The outdoor engine has the ability to show accurate weather, time passage in the way of day and night and seasons. There is actually a third 2d engine that runs the automapper. The automapper shows the world in full color and marks the location of all objects and people.

3.4 What are the NPCs like?
-There will be many generic shop owners, monsters, and townspeople. Might and Magic has always been a hack and slash adventure game and the sixth installment promises to be no different. However, besides those, there will be around 300 detailed NPC that "think" for themselves and effect the plot or are effected by the plot. You will be able to hirer two NPCs into your party.

3.5 What are the quest like?
-The quest will be constantly evolving. Some will twist and turn, some will just naturally change. Dungeons will repopulate themselves slowly over time. NPCs may decide that the quest you are on isn't more important than their quest. And so on. NWC is stressing that "FedEx" missions will be kept to a minimum.

3.6 What is the combat system like?
-You have two option, Turn based and Real Time. The "preferred" combat system will be real time. However real time combat in MM6 isn't the same as real time combat in a game like DOOM. Actually its a fast paced turn based combat system simular to the one found in the Final Fantasy rpg series. In turn based mode, the combat engine waits for you to supply input.

3.7 How is the magic system?
-Its the same as in previous M&M games but with a few changes. The need for gems has been dropped and magic is devided up into nine catagories instead of two.

3.8 Do you character have a reputation?
-Yes. Desslock explains, " Your party's reputation is very dynamic. There are two types, perceived and actual. If you kill someone, and then kill all the witnesses before they can spread what they know, your preceived reputation will be higher than your actual reputation."

3.9 Will 3DO have public beta testing for M&M6?
-I have asked them and the answer I got said that all beta testing would be done internally.

3.10 What ever happen to Jon Van Caneghem?
-He still runs New World Computing and is currently working on Might and Magic 6.

4. Other stuff

4.1 I would like to thank the following for their help in making this FAQ
John Christiansen
Desslock from GamePen (
Chris Kern
Daniel Lemire
Jason Pichette
George Ruof
Rich Wong
Next Generation Online
PC Gamer Online
Computer Gaming World Online

4.2 Disclaimer: This pre-FAQ was created in an effort the provide information on the upcoming game by New World Computing, Might and Magic VI. It is also a vain effort on my part to stop the 20 or so emails a day I am receiving asking when Might and Magic VI will be out. The answers provided here are at the moment, my best guess. I, Rob Merritt, am not affiliated with New World Computing, or 3DO nor are any of my family members. I have gather information from press releases, magazine articles, e-mail from several New World Computing employees, and rumors.

4.3 Might and Magic, Might and Magic II, Might and Magic VI, and New World Computing are trademarks of The 3DO Company.

4.4 This pre-FAQ will be available at Rob's might and Magic VI page at
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